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So I get asked a lot what are my favorite social sites? What sites does Kimball Roundy use to connect with people and let people know “who is Kimball Roundy” and what is he up to?

Sorry, I am talking in the third person because I am working on taking back my name on the web.  There are a lot of “Haters” out there who are trying to capitalize on the success that I have had with The SpiderWeb Marketing System. They write blog posts and articles trying to tear me down!  But let them try;  My success speaks for itself.  I have worked hard to get where I am and all these people are trying to steal a little of my popularity in order to sell their silly programs and eBooks.  Kinda makes me laugh.  It is flattering really, to think that I am someone that other people look up to enough to try and pull me down to their level. So, if you don’t see any other sites on Google when searching for my name, except the sites that I manage then you will know I have succeeded in taking my name back online!  And if you have good things to say about me, I would love a link to my Blog on your sites :)

So, anyway, back to what I was talking about before I went off on that little rant. there are a number of Social Sites and various pages that I am a part of, some because I use them a lot like Follow Kimball Roundy on Twitter and Kimball Roundy’s Profile on Facebook. These are the two that I use the most, but you can for sure find me on all of the sites below as well:

Here you can find me on Linkedin, additionally you can find me Kimball Roundy’s MySpace Profile Here.  If you want to find Kimball Roundy on Squidoo lense click here and I also recently set up a free Kimball Roundy on Weebly page here.

You can review my YouTube videos by visiting Kimball Roundy’s YourTube Channel here.  I also have another business networking site on the new Kimball Roundy on The Naymz Business Network.

For now those are most the places that I check fairly frequently.  But leave a comment of places that You know about, cool sites etc and I will check them out and update this post with them.

Thanks all,

Kimball Roundy

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