From “The Vault” – My Interview With Mike Dillard

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Enjoy this Bonus Video that I pulled From “The Vault”. It’s a GREAT introduction to “Attraction Marketing” in an interview with Mike Dillard, The guy who started the “Attraction Marketing” Industry with his Magnetic Sponsoring Books and System.

In this video Mike reveals how he went from waiting tables to building a $7,000,000 a year Business…

This video was originally recorded as part of my SpiderWeb Marketing System and has not been available to the general public!


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Magnetic Sponsoring – Mike Dillard – “Success is Not A Result of Luck!” AMEN!

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Please Note, Because I agree with Mike Dillard so much, I have decided to become an affiliate of his, even though he is a “Competitor”.  You should too.  Therefor, all links in this post are my Affiliate Links, and I will earn a bit of money when you buy his stuff.  It does not cost you anything extra, he is just paying me for the referral.

Buy his stuff, it is where I got my start.

I Agree 100% with Everything Mike Dillard From Magnetic Sponsoring & MLM Traffic Formula Says Here!

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“Walk The Line…” – A Raving Rant By Mike Dillard Complete With Photos.
I’m sitting here about 11:00 PM watching “Walk The Line” for the fourth or fifth time, and every time I do, it still inspires me. Get Magnetic Sponsoring Now
Because it’s about a man who followed his dream though hell and high water. He was willing to do whatever it took, and even managed to do so while battling the personal demons that haunted him and the conflicts he struggled with at home.
I want you to understand something about me, and from this day forward, I want you to take a long hard look at yourself and decide what it is that you REALLY want out of life because you’ve got to make a choice…
You either do what you need to, or you don’t…
There is no middle ground. No, “have your cake and eat it to”.
You see, I’m not intelligent by society’s standard. It took me 5 years to graduate from college with a 2.0 and my newsletters have more spelling errors than Paris Hilton has boyfriends.
I took all of my finance classes, all of my accounting classes, and all of my math classes THREE TIMES EACH, before I passed them.
But I was smart enough to know a few things that most people don’t…
I knew there was no “we’ll do it for you” solution to anything in life.
I knew I needed to master a few key skill sets if I was to get what I wanted, which is why I spent most of my college years, not in class, but at Barne’s and Noble reading “real” books on business.
I knew that if I wanted to stop buying leads, I’d need to learn how to generate my own, so I bought some books and learned how.
I knew that if I wanted to sell my business and products to people, that I’d need to learn how to write a sales letter, so I bought some books and learned how.
I knew that if I wanted to make my own sales letters, I’d need to learn how to make a website, so I bought some books and learned how.
I knew that if I wanted to be successful in networking, I’d need to get over my fear of the  phone, so I took a job that required me to make 200-300 cold calls per day, and learned how.
But here’s the one thing I NEVER DID during the past 6 years that allowed me to go from “Point A to Point Rich…”
I never complained, I never whined, I never bitched, I never blamed anyone other than myself, and I never gave up because I would have rather spent my life in poverty trying, than to have lived in resignation that I didn’t have what it took.
I don’t want to burst your bubble, but here’s God’s Honest Truth…
If you want what I’ve got, you’ve got to be willing to do what I’ve done.
You’ve got to earn the right through blood, sweat, and tears, and there is NO alternative, so don’t ever ask me or anyone else if there’s an “easy way” to do something.
Are you willing to do that?
Then here’s “My List”… The price I paid to get to where I am, found on the bookshelves you’ll see pictured below…

Thing and Grow Rich

How To Win Friends And Influence People

The Aladdin Factor

Speed Enrollers

The Irresistible Offer

The Obvious Expert

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

The Science of Influence

Talking The Winners Way

The 12 Month Millionaire

How To Market A Product For Under $500

Influence: Science And Practice

Succeed And Grow Rich Through Persuasion

The Greatest Salesman In The World

The Prayer Of Jabez

The Automatic Millionaire

The Millionaire Republican

Think Like A Billionaire

Phone Power

Ultimate Guide To Networking

Magnetic Marketing

Dare To Win

The Purpose Driven Life

See You At The Top

The Wave 3 Way To Building Your Downline

The One Minute Millionaire

Quicken 2003 For Dummies

Front Page 2003 For Dummies

Pushing The Envelope

Selling To The Very Important Top Officer

Selling The Invisible

Wave 4

Striking It

7 Habits Of Highly Successful People

Article Blue Print

Product Launch Formula

Get The Edge

Zero Resistance Living



Beyond Freedom

Rich Jerk

33 Days To Online Profits

Traffic Stampede

Ultimate Copywriting Seminar In A Box

Freelance Writing Success In A Box

Internet Information Marketing Players Workshop

No BS Newsletter

$4,000 A Day In Your Underwear

Magnetic Sales letters

Underground Online Marketing Seminar

Yanik Silver Mastermind Group

Ultimate Copywriting Workshop

Ultimate Marketing Plan

Zero Resistance Selling

Dominating Adsense

The Ultimate Blue Print For Massive Success

Championship Prospecting

The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur

Butterfly Marketing

Tax Strategies For Business Professionals

Network Marketing Lifestyles Magazine

The Ultimate Online Swipe File

Hypnotic Sales letters

Ultimate Guide To Google Adwords


Benciveda Bullets

Giant Headline Swipe File

Landing Page Cash Machine

Million Dollar Manual

Psychological Triggers

Power Recruiting

Million Dollar Emails

Scientific Advertising

Spiritual Marketing

Under Achiever Formula

Traffic Secrets 2.0

The Guru Mastermind

The Altitude Program

Top Grading

Countless hours of training calls

Countless email newsletters from dozens of trainers

Countless phone conversations with successful mentors

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This image represents about 30% of my personal library. The rest is on the laptop, or has taken place during phone calls. Imagine 3 more of these images side-by-side, and then you’ll know how much I’ve had to personally invest in myself to get to where I’m at…
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So here’s the bottom line…
NEVER… EVER… ask me if there’s an easy way to generate leads, make money online, or build a downline.
Don’t EVER ask me if “Magnetic Sponsoring” will work for you or your company. (Of course it will).
Don’t EVER ask me if it’s the only book you’ll ever need to buy. (Of course it’s not).
Don’t EVER ask me why I charge what I charge for the knowledge in Magnetic Sponsoring or MLM Traffic Formula. They cost you pennies compared what you’d pay to get that kind of information on your own.
Don’t EVER whine or complain when a prospect rejects your weak phone call.
Don’t EVER ask me if there’s a magic pill that will change your life.
Success is not the result of luck or an accident.
Success is not fast.
Success is the culmination of countless failures and endless hours of study.
But most of all… Success is worth the sacrifice.
If you’ve read this newsletter and understood it’s message, yet you still don’t own a copy of Magnetic Sponsoring, then get off my list.
You’re kidding yourself.
Go back to your JOB and come to peace with the fact that you’ll always be there.
There’s no room for excuse makers in the Fraternity of Do’ers, and nothing I can ever teach you will bring the results you want until you get your head straight.
How do you do that?
Go read Psycho-Cybernetics. Read it over and over again until you fix your head. Kill your excuses and accept your greatness.
Everything you need is already in you.
“Walk The Line” just ended… I’m going to bed.

Mike Dillard
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