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Hey All,

I met a great guy named Ferny while I was in Southern Cali a few weeks back. Have asked him to do some SEO training for the SWS 2.0 Launch! I wrote this post for him to post on his page, as a way to increase my SEO, as a test to see how many positions I can take for my name on the search engines…  So here goes :)

Hey All, I just wanted to introduce you all to a great guy I had the chance to meet a few weeks back. His name is Kimball Roundy, and I was able to have a few drinks with him while he was down here in Southern California for Mass Control with Frank Kern and Cash in a Flash with Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen.

We had a great chat, and figured out a bunch of ways that we are going to do some deals together. He has asked me to help train his SpiderWeb Marketing System Members on all the great SEO stuff that we teach people in our SEO Netowrker program.  So I am psyched about that. I will let you all know more about that when we have the dates for the trainings firmed up.  You will not want to miss out, it is going to be some GREAT stuff, as always.

I will be training his people as part of the new Launch of The SpiderWeb System 2.0 Make sure to check it out, it is going to be CRAZY! He has developed an INSANELY Effective and simple “Social Media SpiderWeb” training program that he is rolling out in the next couple days.

So, anyway, I just want to introduce you to Kimball and let you know where you can find him online so you can get to know him too. He has a number of different Blogs that he posts to, you can find those here:

Kimball Roundy’s Main Personal Blog

Here is Kimball Roundy’s Blog.

Here is a Blogger Blog for Kimball Roundy

Also check out Kimball Roundy’s Live Journal

He is on all the main social media sites. You can follow Kimball Roundy on Twitter. Make sure to add Kimball Roundy as a friend on Facebook. These are the two sites that he uses the most, but you can for sure find him on all of the sites below as well:

Kimball Roundy’s YouTube Channel here.

Find Kimball Roundy on LinkedIn,

Kimball Roundy’s MySpace Profile Here.

Check out Kimball Roundy on Squidoo.

Kimball Roundy’s Page.

Kimball Roundy’s Flickr Profile.

Kimball Roundy’s Diggs.

Kimball Roundy on Hi5

Kimball Roundy on Xanga

Here is Kimball Roundy’s Yahoo! 360 Profile

Kimball Roundy on his Weebly page here.

Kimball Roundy on The Naymz Business Network.

Kimball Roundy’s MyBlogLog.

Kimball Roundy on Jaiku.

Kimball Roundy on Friendster.

Kimball Roundy’s Bebo Page

Kimball Roundy on Tumblr.

Kimball Roundy on Multiply.

Kimball Roundy’s FriendFeed.

Kimball Roundy’s Seesmic Profile.

Kimball Roundy on Brightkite.

Seriously, this guy is ALL OVER the Web. I guess that is why he is so good at teaching people how to “Spin Their Own World Wide Web…” Cause he has OBVIOUSLY done it!

Thanks all,


P.S. Make sure to Check out his main blog here: Kimball Roundy

Some of Kimball Roundy’s Favorite Quotes

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Hey There, Thanks for visiting my Blog at  For your Enjoyment here are a few of my favorite quotes…