Kimball Roundy StomperNet Live 7

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Back in March I went to the StomperNet Live 7 Event in Atlanta.  It was a great event where I met a bunch of high level marketers and began building some great relationships.

Dave Sherwin, Mike Ray and I decided to keep a basic log of the trip, stuff we learned and the event overall.  So, here are the two parts of the video I compiled from the trip.  There are some GREAT tips and tricks revealed in this video.


Kimball Roundy

Kimball Roundy, Dave Sherwin and Mike Ray at StomperNet Live 7 Part 1

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Kimball Roundy at Stompernet Live 7

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I had a few thoughts/Insights on my Trip to StomperNet Live 7 in Atlanta back in March. Just threw them all together in this video.

The Value of the Low Cost Product with an Upsell

More Value for YOU through SpiderWeb System 2.0 Mentors/Gurus/Training Webinars!

Make the Wake!


Kimball Roundy At StomperNet Live 7

I Should Have Been Dead 3 Years Ago…

Posted by Kimball Roundy | 41 Degrees | Monday 9 November 2009 3:19 am

So, it’s November 8th 2009. 3 years ago, according to all the laws of Science, I should have died. My Brother did, his wife did, but for a number of reasons that I’m not going to get into in this post, God decided to keep me alive…

It was November 8th 2006, my brother, his wife, our friend Mike and myself decided to take one last trip up to Strawberry Reservoir, a high mountain lake that has some of the best fishing in Utah. It was early November and for those of you who don’t live hear generally means that it was COLD! And it was. This was our last opportunity to take a trip up to Strawberry because there was a huge snow storm that was supposed to be rolling in that night, and the lake would likely be beginning to freeze over within a week or two.

Our Trip started out great, the skies were clear, the air was crisp, the water was smooth as glass and the prospect of catching a lot of fish seemed promising….

That’s the start of the story, and to keep this blog post short, I’ll skip ahead to the part about why I should be dead.

About 4 hours after the trip started, we were out in the very middle of the lake, about 2.5 miles away from the closest shoreline. It was around 11:30 in the afternoon, the fishing had been amazing, so amazing that we did not notice that the wind had picked up, and that the increased wind had began to create white cap waves… By the time I noticed, it was far too late. Water had begun splashing over the bow of the boat, filling the front of the boat with water. With each wave that dumped more water in the boat, the front of the boat sank more and more. Before we knew it, or could do anything about it, the boat just sank…

The Water was 41 Degrees, The Shore was 2.5 miles away, the waves that had just sunk the boat were beating on us, making it nearly impossible to swim… And scariest of all (fortunately for me I did not know it at the time, unfortunately for my brother, he did) in 41 degree water, you are dead if you don’t make it out within 30 Minutes…….

If you want to hear the rest of the story, as I described in in a Video presentation I did last year. Check out “My Name is Kimball Roundy and I Should Be Dead” Now.

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Leslie Rohde Discussing Anchor Text

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Here is a great Series of 3 “Behind The Scenes” videos recorded at StomperNet Live 7 in Atlanta March 5-8 2009.  In these videos Leslie Rohde talks about the impotence of Anchor Text in your SEO Efforts.  These are never before seen videos where Leslie reveals some GREAT SEO knowledge.  Enjoy :-)  (Please Note that this recording was filmed at a Networking After Party, and it is uncut so some of it may not be suitable for children–Nothing really bad, just a few swear words and references to drinking)

Also, make sure to check out the SpiderWeb System 2.0 “Guru” video where Leslie goes in depth into his SEO Strategies: Leslie Rohde SWS 2.0 Presentation

Leslie Rohde Discusses SEO W/ Kimball Roundy -1

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Just a quick note to vent for a minute… I am REALLY starting to HATE YouTube, or at least the retarded people who were maliciously “Flagging” my YouTube videos and Profile. So YouTube ended up shutting down my account because of the “Inappropriate” videos that were flagged by stupid users who either just don’t like me, were jealous of the marketing success I have been having, were competitors… Who knows…

So I had THOUSANDS of Subscribers and Friends on YouTube, people who loved my videos, loved keeping caught up on the latest with my new Daughter, commented a lot and passed them on to friends… And now they are all gone, and I am stuck trying to re-build my YouTube account.

Not sure if it is even worth it?

Just for Kicks, here are a few of the “Inappropriate” videos that were flagged by the stupid users that got my account shut down. Do you think they are inappropriate?? (Posted on my Kimball Roundy on profile instead of my new Kimball Roundy on YouTube Profile – because YouTube wont even let me Re-Upload them to this new account! RIDICULOUS)

Kimball Roundy History is Written By Those Who Make The Wake

Marinda’s First Laugh!!! What a Cutie!

Marinda Annette Roundy – My BEAUTIFUL Little Angel!

All Obviously Very Inappropriate Right? Do you Agree? If so, RT The Message Below for me and let your Followers know :) Oh and Leave a comment ;-)

I’m a Daddy?!?!?! Seriously? Me? Okay…

Posted by Kimball Roundy | Daddy,Marinda | Saturday 6 June 2009 5:43 am

So, it is a pretty crazy thought that has not really even sunk in yet… I am a Father! As of Sunday 5-31-09 at 2:34 PM I am officially a Father… What does that mean exactly?

The Most Technologically 5 Day Old Child Who Ever LivedI mean, just about any man can contribute one half of the required ingredients to make a baby; but does that make him a Father? Or better yet a “Daddy”?

I think you would agree with me that it most certainly does not. I think, in order to be given the Title of “Daddy” it must be bestowed upon you by the child.

I smile when I picture sweet Marinda and how excited she is when she comes running to me as I come home from work calling out “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy…”

That sacred title is one that is given in reward for a love for the child that can not be expressed in words, it is a love that can only be shown in actions.

I have never quite been able to imagine the love that I feel for my new child. The willingness that I feel to drop anything and everything for her, to make sure she is comforted… Cared for etc.

I was thinking over the last few days and then again earlier tonight that there is not anything in the world that I would not give up for her. As I walked through my garage, seeing my boat, nice cars, classic bronco, motorcycle etc. I thought to myself that these “things”, though they are useful, fun and exciting to have don’t hold a candle to the joy, love, excitement, commitment that I feel for Marinda.  I just can’t describe it.

My Beautiful New Daughter Marinda AnnetteSo as I embark on this new life journey, I am dedicated to do everything I can to earn that highest of titles. Move over Career, businesses, sports, recreation etc. Marinda is here and she is now my priority, my joy, my pain, my excitement, my love… My Life. (Of course I will love doing tons of fun things with her, teaching her sports and about business ;-)

So enjoy the pics (The one to the right is a pic of “The Most Technologically Savvy and Successful 5 day old Internet Marketer who has ever lived ;-) I mean, how many people can claim to have held a computer mouse and messed around with a computer when they were just 5 days old… She has it in her blood ;-)

There are also some cute videos of my sweet little Marinda below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed shooting them (Not possible by the way but you can try)

And I hope you like hearing about her, because there will be a lot more where this came from :) She will for sure be the topic of many a post here on my blog and many a pic/comment/tweet/update/video etc on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc.


What an Angel… Love Her

“Daddy, I Want a Pony…”

Marinda Annette Roundy – My BEAUTIFUL Little Angel!

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“Isn’t it funny the way some c…

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“Isn’t it funny the way some combinations of words can give U-almost apart from their meaning-a thrill like music?” -C.S. Lewis

Brooke has recovered very well…

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Brooke has recovered very well. We’re @ home, holding a happy healthy baby. Brooke is doing MUCH better, things are great! Thx 4 The Prayers

Take Notice! @Mike_Dillard ‘s …

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Take Notice! @Mike_Dillard ‘s Traffic Formula 2.0 is now LIVE! grab it while you can! Please RT

Spending the night in the hosp…

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Spending the night in the hospital… Brooke is recovering from surgery… Please pray for her and my new Baby Marinda

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