My Interview With Daegan Smith

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I was interviewed by Daegan Smith about what I was able to do with my SpiderWeb Marketing System!  Building a Membership Base of 550,000 People, a Downline in my Opportunity of 31,000+ People and 12+ Streams of Passive Residual Income in just 18 Months.

It was a great interview where Daegan grilled me about What I did with the SpiderWeb System, Let’s just say that it is a full hour of purecontent where I reveal all of the secrets and behind the scenes action that happened during the 18 Months that I was running the SpiderWeb System.

You can check out the interview on my Better Networker Profile: Kimball Roundy on Better Networker (Just Look Down at the Bottom under “My Activity”)

It Was All done with my SpiderWeb Marketing System

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Daegan Smith – “Far More Important Than Talent . . .”

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Who is Daegan Smith? Watch this brief video, then read the email he sent out earlier today to learn…

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“Far More Important Than Talent . . .”

Every now and then I’ll get a compliment on my online abilities and it always throws me for a loop.

Not because I don’t think I’m pretty darn good and know quiet a bit that could put recruits in your downline and money in your pocket, but because of how it’s said.

Yesterday I was instructing someone on a portion of their marketing and on the spot they called me a genius.

I quietly smiled . . .

See, to that person, my spur of the moment advice was genius, but to me, on the other end of the phone it was far from it.

It was simple experience and the ability to translate that experience into simple ideas that would help move that person forward.

As I sit here writing you this letter you need to understand I never once got an A in any English grammar or literature class I’ve
ever taken.

Yet . . . Here I am writing you this email.

I’ve authored several books, I’ve written several sales letters from scratch in a day or less that have earned hundreds of
thousands of dollars each.

The question is how . . .

It ain’t talent.

It’s something for more important, far more powerful, and NOT in short supply.

It’s the simple willingness to practice.

Sure, I may be better at recruiting people online today than I was a few years back when I couldn’t get a person to NOT hang up on me.

Sure, I may be able to put together systems from concept to real live results brining physical form in weeks.

Sure, I know how and where to get more leads in a day than most can get in month or several months, but . . .

It’s not talent.

It’s simply practice. It’s just falling. Getting up. Falling. Getting up. Falling. Getting up. Etc . . .

And that’s something anyone can do, but the harsh reality is most people want rewards without effort.

They need to see the fruits of their labor without work.

If you need someone to send you a check before you earn it you’ll be needing it forever.

Forget about talent. Forget about what you don’t have. Forget about how good someone else may seem to be.

None of that matters. All that does, is having the intestinal fortitude to get started and not stop till you’re there.

Fall down. Scrape your knee. Get up and start going again.

Far more important than talent is drive and the willingness to practice what you so choose to master.

You do this, with the help of a good teacher on your side, and one day, sooner than later, people will call you genius.

Never thought it would happen to me, but heck, here I am. Now it’s my turn to help you find your hidden genius. Let’s get started:

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To the top,


“The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead”

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