The God Father of SEO, Leslie Rohde Reveals His Industry Altering SEO Secrets!

Posted by Kimball Roundy | SpiderWeb Marketing | Thursday 14 May 2009 3:45 pm
I have got some exciting news for you. I hosted another SWS 2.0 Teaser webinar last night with the “God Father of SEO” Leslie Rohde.If you have ever wanted to learn how to dominate the search engines for any keywords that you want, and get all the traffic you want for no cost, then you will join us on this webinar where Leslie will teach you:

Three simple steps to search engine success

Get these three things right and win the search game every single time you play.  These are timeless skills that anyone can master and they will pay you handsome dividends for as long as you have a website.

I am talking, super valuable, simple stuff that ANYONE can take action on RIGHT NOW that will dramatically increase your success with the Search Engines.

You will watch the webinar recording here:

God Father of SEO Recorded Webinar

Just Keep Spinning,

Kimball Roundy

P.S. You will want to get a MUCH MORE DETAILED version of  what you will learn on this call, then watch the video below, where you will learn the “7 Deadliest SEO Mistakes” that people make every day and how to avoid them.

Take a look, it is a short video:

The SpiderWeb System 2.0 is On The Launch Pad

Posted by Kimball Roundy | SpiderWeb Marketing | Thursday 14 May 2009 3:36 pm

The SpiderWeb System 2.0is now on the Launch Pad! When you watch the video below that I just put together you can find out what it is all about.

When you watch the video below you so you will be able to get all the details about the 15 Live SWS 2.0 Teaser webinars and the Teaser marketing tools that I talk about in the first video:

So that’s it for now, looking forward to sending you more exciting info about the forthcoming launch!

How Does The SpiderWeb System Help Me Grow MY Primary Business?

Posted by Kimball Roundy | Attraction Marketing,SpiderWeb Marketing | Saturday 11 April 2009 7:24 pm

I was asked a question on my Facebook Wall today about The SpiderWeb System that I planned on just writing a quick response to… It ended up being much more than a quick response so I decided to post it hear for your viewing pleasure too ;-)

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Here is Reader’s Digest version of the question:

“Please explain to me how The SpiderWeb System is helping me increase my Mona Vie downline, which is the only income stream I’m interested in building at this time?”

Here is the Actual Conversation:

From Erkan Koyuncu

Hello Kimball!!!

I have discovered your name in “The SpiderWeb System“. The system was very interesting, but i am nervous about an important thing.

I am living in Denmark and therefor i am very interesting to build a deep organization with my MLM-business. I am especially interesting to introduce a lot of people from Denmark, can i do it with the SpiderWeb System?

The business what i am working with called, Mona Vie and its new in Denmark. There are in all nearly 400 people scheduled in this MLM, i have 8 persons in my downline.

Its is free to be enrolled all the rest of this year. Do you think i can get more than 3,000 people in my downline this year ?

Will you please help me ?

Thank you and have a nice day …

And then Michael J. Murphy added a comment to it as well:


Like Erkan I also recently discovered the SpiderWebSystem, which I planned to use to explode my Mona Vie downline. This afternoon I have spent several hours going through the videos to set up my capture pages, etc. Having spent most of the day on this with the excitement that I would soon be generating substantial numbers of leads, I have to say that I still do not see the benefit of the system.

Clearly it is designed to attract people to your SpiderWeb System and other business ventures such as Self Bank Financial. But so far after devoting a lot of my time and energy to this I have not come across a single thing in the program that will direct anyone to my Mona Vie website. Further, the system is advertised as 100% free, but in order to “Get Leads” I am required to register with Google Adwords and personally spend my money each time someone clicks on my link, which in turn directs that person back to the SpiderWeb System, and not even to my own Mona Vie Site.

Please explain to me how this system is helping me increase my Mona Vie downline, which is the only income stream I’m interested in building at this time.

I look forward to your reply.

Very truly yours,

Michael J. Murphy, Esq.

PS Erkan, best of luck with Mona Vie. It’s a great product and terrific business opportunity.

So, here is what I wrote as a response:

Hello Michael/Erkan,

These questions are not something I can exactly answer in just a paragraph or two long wall post. But let me just give you the quick version.

The SpiderWeb System is a LEAD GENERATION, Marketing System, Contact Manager and Internet marketing training program all wrapped into one.

The “System”, Training, Technology, Contact Manager etc. ARE ALL FREE. Did you pay to Sign up for the SpiderWeb Marketing System? No.

Now, Yes, if you want to get people to your website you will have to spend either time or money, but that is no different from what you would do with any other system or marketing strategy for your business. This system just helps you bring together all the tools and training you need to be more efficient in how you find people that you can talk to about your business.

How do you get people directly into your downline and why would you want to send people to the SWS sites instead of your personal MonaVie page?

Simple, other people, trying to grow a business DON’T CARE ABOUT and DON’T want to hear anything or be pitched on your business. Think about it, you just said “…increase my Mona Vie downline, which is the only income stream I’m interested in building at this time.”

So if I (or the page I direct you to through my advertising) pitched you on Xango, or Pre-Paid Legal or any other business, you would not pay any attention to it, right? So if I spent money on Google Adwords, to get you to take a look at my Primary Opportunity site, you would look at it for 2 seconds, MAYBE, and then back out, meaning I just wasted $.50 or $1.00 etc for the click from Google.

This system is designed to bring like-minded network marketers right to you, in a non-threatening, non-competitive environment designed to create value and trust for them before you ever try to talk to them about your business.

You are Handing them a great Tool that they will appreciate, and thank you for. This is the icebreaker, now you have another like-minded contact who already knows that you are someone who is interested in giving them VALUE, helping them get what they want, etc. Not just someone trying to blindly, with no relationship at all, push them to join some business.

This is a RELATIONSHIP business, you can focus solely on your Mona Vie business, and treat everyone you meet as someone that you can cram into that business, or you can use a system that will allow you to meet other people, have a real relationship with them, determine if you are a good fit to do business together (or if they are a good fit for your product as a customer), and THEN move on to the discussion about what you have to offer.

Think about it, the Co you joined most likely said, “Make a list of your 100 closest contacts…” who most likely are people who have NO INTEREST what-so-ever to start a Mona Vie business, know nothing about marketing, and are not REALLY the type of people you want on your team. Even if you are successful at convincing one of your friends to join, most likely, they know the same 100 people as you, they don’t really know how to market, it is hard for them, they want to quit every week and you spend all your time baby sitting them and RE-RECRUITING them every week (convincing them to keep sticking it out).

OR, using The SpiderWeb System is a way for you, with very little effort, to build a list of other people who are already converted to the idea that there is leverage in this type of business, they are already online learning how to market, they are already convinced. They likely already have not just a “List” of friends and family but they might actually have a thriving downline already in place that they could bring into your business.

Think about it, what if you and I continue to talk, continue to get to know each other, decide that we want to work together and then you show me why I should join Mona Vie? What would that be worth to you? My Network, of 550K + people, with the push of a button, exposed to Mona Vie… In your downline…?

Now, there is another angle to this as well. I know you are not interested in growing any other income streams.

But, does it make sense for you to have your own website/capture pages when trying to grow your business online? Of course one that is generic and not directly about your opportunity?

Of Course it does…

And if it makes sense for you, don’t you think it would be good for the people that you are able to attract to you through giving them a FREE marketing system, complete with great internet marketing education? Of Course.

So, with this system, even though you don’t want to do any other businesses, why would you not want to be the guy that sells them the domain and hosting for their website? Especially if it takes NO EXTRA EFFORT or “Selling” to do so…

So with the SpiderWeb Marketing System, you begin to earn money from people, many of who you will never actually talk to. So while you are working with them, and building a relationship with them, they have already made you some money. So, this is a way for you, to make some money, cushioning the cost of doing marketing like AdWords…

Which will allow you to keep marketing, keep building your network, keep building relationships, and not put yourself in the poor house if you don’t get a hundred people to join your business right away.

You will make money, even when people don’t join your primary business, while building relationships (and making money) with people who, once they know and trust you, WILL join your business.

Hopefully that helps you both see the value in using a system like the SWS to grow your business…

Will you be able to get 3,000 people into your downline??? I can’t answer that for you. All I can do is point the question back at you…

Will you? You have all the tools you need to do it… Will you use them?

Thanks for Reading.

Kimball Roundy