The World’s First Female Self-Made Millionare!

Posted by Kimball Roundy | Inspration | Friday 11 June 2010 9:36 pm

I just got an email from Frank Kern with a link to his blog, I thought it was a GREAT message so I decided to re-post it here.  You can see the original, and keep up with Frank (trust me, you want to) by visiting Frank Kern’s Blog.

Here is the story in which he reveals his “Two Magic Powers” that he says are present in every successful business person…

Check it out.


Occasionally, the unthinkable occurs.

I run out of the trash-fiction that I like to read – and as a last resort, I pick up “emergency reading material” like Oprah Magazine. (My wife gets it. Not me! I swear! I only read manly stuff like “Liquor Soaked Brawler’s Digest”.)

And usually, like I do with all magazines, I just like to read the ads.

I was about 78 pages into it when, for some reason, I started reading an actual article about successful women.

And that’s when an amazing lady jumped out of the page at me.

Her name is Madam C.J. Walker and here she is:

And let me tell you, this lady could have …

Kicked All Of Our Asses …Combined!

Here’s why:

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