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Founder and CEO of the International Internet Marketing Consulting Firm, RoundGoods Consulting Group. As a young entrepreneur, Kimball Roundy was involved in Networking, Internet and affiliate Marketing dating back to 1998.

He served for 5 years as the Ad Operations Manager of major Internet marketing firm where he was responsible for growing advertising operations from start-up to a highly profitable multi-million-dollar per year business.

Since founding RoundGoods in 2005, he has established affiliate and networking relationships with more than 2,000 companies as well as coached and consulted owners, executives and many other leaders from various Networking Companies, Universities and business organizations.

In addition he has consulted with more than 255,500 Networking Professionals more than 101 countries in regards to emerging internet marketing technologies, and built a newsletter list of more than 550,000 subscribers all in less than 18 months.

He did this through his revolutionary internet marketing system The SpiderWeb Marketing System. Not only is he responsible for the development of an international consulting firm, but he is also involved in other business ventures such as real estate, franchising and international marketing.

And Now He is Doing it all over again, only Bigger, Badder and Better than the SpiderWeb System Ever was… His new system is called “The 5 Minute Mogul System” ┬áIn his new system Kimball Teaches you how to Play the 5 Minute Mogul List-Building and Money-Getting Game to generate Endless Leads for You Primary Business and watch as the System Generates 12 or More Streams of Passive Residual Income for you… All on Auto-Pilot!

To learn more about Kimball Roundy subscribe to this blog and read over my posts, And or find me on Facebook by Clicking on the Facebook Image for Kimball Roundy on the Top Right of this page. To Learn More About the 5 Minute Mogul System Follow it on Facebook on the 5 Minute Mogul System Facebook Page.


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  2. Comment by shawn washington — March 25, 2009 @ 3:13 pm

    Hi Kimball,

    This is Shawn I’m am already member GDI and I’m am connected with SpiderWeb Marketing. I did sign with most of the AdWords there is a problem I need solve, I’m trying put my GDI domain name account on the SpiderWeb Marketing System I do not really understand how to do it, I am really trying to stop the cold calling. I’m trying to find out how do I put it on SpiderWeb Marketing System. Please and thank you very much.


  3. Comment by Kimball Roundy — March 25, 2009 @ 9:58 pm

    Hey Shawn,

    It is very simple to setup your GDI domain name to work with the Custom Capture Pages offered by The SpiderWeb Marketing System.

    All you need to do is login to your SpiderWeb Marketing Account here: SpiderWeb Marketing Back Office and then follow all the very detailed, step by step instructions in the setup video on Stage #6. It will show you every step to take to get it all setup properly.


    Kimball Roundy

  4. Comment by Abel — June 10, 2009 @ 11:03 pm

    Hi Kimball

    This is Abel i’ve signed up with the spiderweb marketing system a long time a go but i gave up sometime in the middle. I don’t know what im doing wrong kimball i tried youtube, twitter, bebo, myspace, facebook you name it. I mean i know your system works and i have faith in it. Im 17 and it’s now summer as you know kimball there are virtually no jobs out there and my parents are tired of me spending what ever i save up on online money making systems. I talked to my dad on Saturday and he told me if i cant at least make 50 bucks to pay him off i have to stop trying to make money online. I am really sorry for writing too much but hopefully you will guide me as a mentor. And congratulation about your baby daughter :) Thank you Very much. Please get back to me as soon as you can.


  5. Comment by Paul Blann — February 2, 2010 @ 7:43 pm


    Would you e-mail me your shipping address…Would like to send you some samples for you to use in your training…It will help…Your business address would work…Do not want to invade your privacy…
    here is my email…..prblann@….com

    You can delete this

    Your friend and
    As always With Gratitude,

    Paul Blann

  6. Comment by Vernon — September 9, 2010 @ 9:10 am

    I would like to talk to you about consulting with,my company on helping on our internet marketing.

  7. Comment by Javier — September 10, 2011 @ 10:36 pm

    Hey Kimball
    Im sure the 5minutemogul will make the difference, But I was wondering what happened to the 10pays20 project???? Why didnt it last and will the same happen to th e5 minute mogul????

  8. Comment by Kimball Roundy — September 12, 2011 @ 5:25 pm

    We shut down that one to focus on the 5 Minute Mogul System!

  9. Comment by S T ADEWOLE — December 1, 2011 @ 9:19 pm

    Is your “5 Minute Mogul System” available or applicable in Nigeria?

  10. Comment by Kimball Roundy — December 2, 2011 @ 11:40 pm

    Sure. Anyone can use it…

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